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Meet The Founders What Drives Us

History of Marntz

Marntz Resource Center LLC (MRC), is a service company started by Aldo and Bernice Rodriguez in February 2019. With over 15 years in the banking industry, Aldo has encountered many concerns of individuals, and small-to-midsize business owners. He has consistently resolved his clients' needs and/or has pointed them in the right direction.

Bernice has over 8 years of experience in corporate accounting, working for both small, midsize, and large companies in different industries to achieve their accounting and business goals. With her passion for helping companies grow to their full potential through process improvement, forward-thinking strategies, and her careful eye for detail and analytical mind, she is able to identify gaps and resolve issues that may arise before they happen.


In their years of experience, Aldo and Bernice have frequently heard from and observed entrepreneurs and small-to-midsize business owners struggling in the following areas:

  • Strategic decision-making based on the financial picture of their organization.
  • Needing accounting services at a reasonable price, for quality work.
  • Needing assistance with short term or long term projects at a reasonable cost
  • Entrepreneurs needing a break, vacation time, or family time.
  • A proactive business partner.

Having frequently heard the above-mentioned concerns from business owners, Aldo and Bernice decided to leverage their specialized and diverse skills, as well as their passion to see others succeed, to do something about the problem-support entrepreneurs and small-to midsize businesses by centralizing their accounting, consulting, and general business support needs. This will allow these owners to focus on their niches and grow their businesses to their full potential without feeling alone in the process.

At Marntz, we don't just do your bookkeeping and hand over the statements to you so you can go figure it out, but instead we guide you and consult with you through your decision making, going above and beyond.

Bernice holds a Master of Science in Accounting degree (MSACC) from DePaul University, and a double Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Human Resource Management (BS) from Purdue University. She is also an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC®). Her previous employment title was Accounting Manager.

Aldo is an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC®). Previous employers include; CitiBank, Chase Bank, and Fifth Third Bank as Personal Banker II.



Mission: To be a partner for small and midsize businesses, including entrepreneurs, to centralize their accounting, business consulting, and general business support services, to help them grow their business without the added cost.


Vision: To support small and midsize businesses, including entrepreneurs, local and nationwide to make the right decisions at the right time for their business by centralizing their accounting and business needs, in order for them to grow to their full potential, staying in business longer while increasing profits.


Our Values:

Accountability - We will always go above and beyond to get results for you

Reliability - You can depend on us anytime

Accuracy - We use integrity in every aspect of our work and pay attention to every detail to give you quality results

Transparency - We will always be open and honest with you

Loyalty - We are dedicated to your growth and confidentiality is part of our business

Happiness - We want you to feel great and assured after talking with us

Service - We understand that you are a growing business, so we are here for you.