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Do the following before making any payments:

  1. Look at the invoice number; match this number to your records to make sure you haven’t already paid it

  2. Send the invoice to the owner to approve it; the owner is the purchaser. Owner acknowledgement makes the invoice legitimate

  3. Review the line item descriptions, What are they charging me for?

  4. The 3-way match: Match the invoice with the purchase order & receiving report
    (This confirms what you ordered, what you received, and what you’re being billed for)

  5. Separate the function of invoice verification & Approval from the function of cash disbursement
    (The person that signs the check should be separate from the person processing the invoice)

  6. Have enough money in your account before authorizing any payments
    (In order to avoid additional fees such as overdraft fees)

  7. Always negotiate before buying
    (Negotiate! Negotiate! Negotiate! Everything is negotiable, or at least try)
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